Louis Gabriel Nouchi
LGN was founded in Paris in 2017 by Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, offering a new vision of elegance through a contemporary lens. At LGN, the silhouette becomes an intersection of classic tailoring and sportswear, grunge counter-culture and traditional savoir-faire, granting the wearer a new freedom and connection to what they wear. Rejecting traditional gender norms, our clothes embrace unisex forms, for pieces with precise, fluid cuts adapted to modern ways of living.

Reflecting its founder’s lifetime passion for reading, each collection pays homage to a book or writer who has inscribed their vision on the world.

Quality products, transparent means of production, and honesty are at the heart of the label. With its unending pursuit of better source materials leading to partnerships with European luxury good manufacturers and leading textile groups, LGN is an invitation to a new relationship to clothing and our way imagining of fashion.