In Juuly 2016, Alexandra Hadjikyriacou & Jaimee Mckenna both textile & knitwear graduates from Central Saint Martins, united to form the brand ‘Kepler’.

The fundamentals of Kepler take inspiration from traditional methods of garment making & cultures from across the globe, amalgamating them together to create a modern approach to constructing clothing, making meaningful & mindful creations.

The two designers separate skills & influences of historical garments, civilizations & Earth’s landscapes create a juxtaposed outlook from two separate minds & places unifying as one, Kepler.

The Kepler customer is a union of a utilitarian, refined workingwoman. She is playful in her form of dressing, deconstructing & establishing her stylish identity.  She finds new diverse solutions within her existing wardrobe. With elements of harshness & sculptural influence there is also a side of romanticism in her style.