Subtle Le Nguyen

Established in 2015, Subtle Le Nguyen has swiftly captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide with its exquisite designs and tailoring. Rooted in Hanoi, the brand beautifully merges the cultural heritage of Vietnam into its ready-to-wear collections, creating pieces that blend boundaries of classic and current. Co-founded by Jang Le and Nhat Viet, the brand's ethos revolves around reinterpreting traditional concepts with a modern, minimalist twist. Their collection features a mix of essential staples, laid-back formal wear, and striking statement pieces, all boasting bold yet feminine silhouettes. Subtle Le Nguyen's meticulous attention to detail is evident in the subtle embellishments like ruching, pleats, and covered zips that adorn their garments, adding a touch of sophistication to casual elegance. Subtle Le Nguyen offers a range of impeccably crafted pieces that effortlessly fuses luxury with understated charm.