The London-based namesake label was founded by artist Mowala Ogunlesi. A Central Saint Martins graduate, Ogunlesi's unmistakable sense of identity is propulsed by her ability to effortlessly meld fragments of her Nigerian heritage with flashes of cityscape decadence. Filtering its subjects through a lens of neo-psychedelia, Mowalola deconstructs maximalist glam throughout its cohesive display of gender-neutral ready-to-wear. Driven by undertones of eroticism into club culture-infused outfitting, the label’s embrace of outré divergence is grounded by a concealed sense of craft. Hypnotic graphic patterns gesture towards a trippy strain of retro-futurism, uniting kitschy 1980’s excess with the lingering influence of the African psychedelia at the centre of the label’s debut collection. Reconciling a chaotic, at times clashing set of reference points into an intriguingly palatable sartorial endpoint. The evocative results of Mowalola’s cross-cultural experimentation position the label as a catalytic new voice in the contemporary gender-binding ready-to-wear conversation.

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