M05CH1N0 Jeans
Moschino was founded by the Italian designer Franco Moschino in 1983. The label's identity reflects the over-the-top ethos of ‘80s fashion. Since 2014 Moschino has been under the creative vision of Jeremy Scott, who has reinvigorated the label’s supersaturated leanings with his playful, contemporary designs. The candy-colored blazers, blouses, & skirts that underpin Moschino womenswear present a tasteful kind of kitsch, while quirky graphic T-shirts showcase Scott’s alluringly bratty tendencies. Trompe l'oeil handbags & unapologetically loud phone cases indulge the impulse to accessorize irreverently. United by a commitment to pristine construction & an unmistakable visual identity, Jeremy Scott’s Moschino remains a womenswear wildcard that never fails to captivate. M05CH1N0 JEANS is a sub-label inspired by everything denim.

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