Shek Leung
SHEK LEUNG is the eponymous Hong Kong / London-based label founded by Shek Yen (Samson) Leung. Born in Taiwan and raised in Hong Kong, Leung graduated from Central Saint Martins, while gaining experience working with the brands Craig Green, Burberry, Proenza Schouler, Aitor Throup, Taro Horiuchi, and Written Afterwards. The Shek Leung man is described as quiet, sensitive, playful, and empowered, finding new dimensions of masculinity by embracing authenticity with confidence. Inspired by his family history and roots, and their commitment to storytelling through motion pictures, the garments tell a cinematic narrative, molding the intangible into the tangible through a poetic reverie that meets at the intersection of textile innovation and subtle garment construction. Breaking conventions through an interplay of power and vulnerability, the label blends classic staples with relaxed flair and sophisticated craftsmanship.