Representing the fusion of music, literary, culinary & origins, that all together forms the rich & hybrid Caribbean culture. BOTTER’s identity combines its ‘Caribbean Couture’ spirit, as well as its glance towards Arte Povera’s philosophy, together with a strong sustainability consciousness. As a brand whose DNA directly rises from one of the world’s most biologically diverse marine regions, BOTTER does not bear to witness the pollution of the ocean, setting targets to embrace & preserve nature in all its forms.
Lisi Herrebrugh & Rushemy Botter are the design team behind BOTTER. The creative duo combines their multicultural influences & their mastery of Belgium & Dutch tailoring to infuse their menswear label with a distinct notion of luxury. Edgy yet inclusive, their creative sight is an extension of their own personalities: bold, colorful, and refreshingly positive. BOTTER is a look into a personal diary; a look and opinion on the world expressed under Lisi and Rushemy’s straightforward vision.

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