Benedetta Bruzziches
28 year old Benedetta Bruzziches has in the past been mistaken for a bag. Having grown up in Caparola, a theatrical town full of narrow streets and fountains, where people still take their wine from the cellar and the city rhythm depends on sowing and harvests, Benedetta is passionate about cinema, and walks around with a book under her arm. She believes in energies, smells and most of all in wishes, in young people but also above all in the elderly who have worked hard in life. Entering her studio is like entering a fairytale: wooden men, old blackboards, fairytale and poetry books, stacked cabinets that come alive at night in the kitchen. More than materials, she likes to talk about stories, shapes and characters. The collection is almost secondary - it is the story that makes it beautiful. What would bags serve if they didn't contain stories?

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