Supriya Lele
British-Indian designer, Supriya Lele launched her eponymous label in 2017 shortly after receiving her MA from the Royal College of Art. Born in the UK to Indian parents, Lele explores the nuance of her own hybridized identity through her work. Steering clear of overplayed Bollywood tropes, Lele is instead inspired by that which she sees worn on the streets of India: an amalgamation of traditional sari-like drapery and modern nylon sportswear. It is the tension between eastern and western cultures, as expressed through contemporary Indian codes of dress, that Lele captures in her own work. Lele’s designs are defined by their juxtapositions: draping is combined with careful tailoring, just as technical fabrics are incorporated alongside elevated ones. Bathed in warm and colorful hues, the collection offers mesh tops and dresses, organza pants and coats, and satin leggings and blouses, all of which embrace a minimalist aesthetic whilst remaining feminine. Avant-garde yet delicate, Lele’s designs reveal the beauty in the expression of hybridity.

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