Setchu was founded by Satoshi Kuwata, the Milan-based label is a unique fusion or "compromise" of Japanese and Western cultures. Epitomized in the brand's name, literally translated to compromise, from the Japanese word, "Wayo Setchu" (和洋折衷), meaning a compromise between Japan and the West. Inspired by structures like Seibien, which exemplify the "Wayo Setchu" architectural style, Setchu translates this fusion into its DNA, crafting garments and lifestyle products with unexpected juxtapositions that seamlessly merge classic elements with contemporary design. Embracing a philosophy of unisex fashion and gender interchangeability, Setchu challenges traditional norms while advocating for sustainability. The label's dedication to creating a more inclusive and sustainable fashion landscape is echoed by the Japanese concept of "Mottainai" (勿体ない), a phrase meant to encourage the adage "reduce, re-use, and recycle."

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