1774 Birkenstock, named after the founding year of Birkenstock's shoemaking tradition, seamlessly merges the brand's renowned expertise, impeccable quality, and rich craftsmanship with kindred brands that share a fervor for design and creativity. Each product within the 1774 collection is meticulously crafted in German workshops, utilizing specially selected materials, with a significant emphasis on natural resources. The production processes blend state-of-the-art innovation with rigorous testing protocols to uphold uncompromising quality standards. Drawing upon Birkenstock's iconic design heritage, every creative partnership begins with the distinctive molded footbed, undergoing transformative reinterpretations in custom palettes, fabrics, and finishes that reflect the essence of each collaborating designer. Situated in Paris, the 1774 showroom and headquarters serve as a vibrant nexus for global creative talent, catalyzing innovation and redefining the boundaries of heritage within the fashion landscape.