Martine Ali

The Chicago-born, and Brooklyn-based, designer Martine Ali, is revitalizing the iconic heavy chains of early 2000s hip-hop and making significant strides in both the fashion and music industries with her eponymous label. A Visual Arts graduate from Fordham University, Martine first gained attention during her internship with DKNY, where she was tasked with designing unique pieces for their collections and runways. Now focusing on her own label, she draws inspiration from the hip-hop culture of her late '90s youth, evident in her creation of Cuban-link wallet chains, chokers, dog-tag bracelets, and Gunnar chain belts. Martine Ali’s designs don't cater to any specific audience; instead, they appeal to anyone aiming to cultivate a distinctive personal style with durable, signature accessories. Her approach treats each jewelry piece as a modular element of art, promoting versatility and creativity in styling. Hand-assembled in her Brooklyn studio, Martine Ali’s pieces have adorned prominent figures in music and fashion like Bad Bunny, Lady Gaga, and Bella Hadid, while also collaborating with influential artists and designers.

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