Laura Andraschko

Laura Andraschko, a fashion designer emerging from the vibrant streets of Berlin, channels the eclectic energy of the city's art scene and the rebellious spirit of its dance floors into her eponymous brand. Graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2021, Andraschko infuses each of her collections with speculative narratives rooted in internal turmoil and late-night escapades. Drawing from her own experiences with substance abuse, she intertwines themes of hedonism and anxiety, celebrating the chaotic and the restless through her designs. Rejecting societal norms and expectations of women, Andraschko's garments defy convention with peak-shouldered military jackets, iconic distressed ballet flats, and bubble-hemmed micro dresses, embodying a fusion of high society and bedlam. Collaborations with cultural figures like Mark Hunter, known as the Cobrasnake, evoke the decadence of the 2010s and the raw energy of indie sleaze, challenging the prevailing ethos of clean living and celebrating the freedom to make mistakes. Through her provocative creations, Laura Andraschko invites women to embrace their complexities and rewrite the rules of femininity in a world that demands conformity.

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