Princess Gollum + HLNR















photography KATY SHAYNE


styling HLNR

featuring GABBY SCHWAN



"I've always been really different from my family and always grew up thinking I didn’t belong and that I must have been adopted by the gorilla that lived under the bridge by my childhood home (a story my mom made up when I would ask if she was my biological mother) but there was one thing that bonded her and I; it was the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Her favorite character was Gandalf, he’s the elderly wizard, the dreamer of dreams who guides and aids all the characters, basically who she is in my life. 

"Mine was Gollum. His character was complex- looks/ acts/ speaks disgustingly but somehow is endearing and after getting to know, is not an evil being but just one who is severely conflicted. He was actually the ring bearer the longest other than its original owner Sauron and was tormented way longer than Frodo or Bilbo ever were." 

"Ironically and sorry to give away the ending (hoping you have already seen or read) but Gollum is the one who ends up destroying the ring at the end and consequently himself. I could just relate to him and saw the good in him more than the bad. I guess that’s what I want to highlight by adding ‘princess’ in front of gollum- to shed some light and love on the poorest of creatures that lives in caves and eats blind fish."

Oversized Hooded Pullover SS17 MISBHV 

Anglomania Cropped Shirt SS17 VIVIENNE WESTWOODBlack Written Word Socks CLAIRE BARROWTransparent Thigh-High Boots SS17 YEEZY 

White Graphic Tee SS17 DILARA FINDIKOGLURuffled Fitted Blouse SS17 XIAO LI, Platforms by MICOL RAGNI


(Left) Crinoline Top SS17 ANNE SOFIE MADSEN, Nylon Shorts SS17 NILOS BY JULIUS (Right) Graphic Printed Top SS17 ANNE SOFIE MADSEN, Transparent Thigh-High Boots YEEZY SS17

Pink Mesh Mermaid Dress SS17 PAULA KNORR, Black Swirl Sweatshirt SS17 Y/PROJECT, "Crescent Moon" Jumpsuit by FW17 MARINE SERRE