Objects IV Life

Objects IV Life is a brand, reimagined through the eyes of an artist. Conceived and founded by Daniel Arsham, it draws on an artistic philosophy refined over decades to generate essential uniforms for a creative life. Part-laboratory, part-atelier, Objects IV Life seeks to radically reimagine the way that we get dressed. Combining deep research with conceptual thinking, the brand creates a new paradigm for personal style. With an ethos of radical optimism at its core, Objects IV Life believes that the clothes we wear each day harness the possibility of a better tomorrow. Through meticulous attention to process, purpose, and design, Objects IV Life reframes quotidian garments as a platform for positive innovation.

Responsible manufacturing is the central tenet. Every piece is produced using carefully-selected factories in Portugal, Italy, and the United States. Fabrics are chosen for their high quality, durability, and circular potential. Cotton is deadstock or organic; polyester is made from recycled materials; natural latex is used in place of its synthetic equivalent. Bio-based fabrics such as modal and EcoVero™ viscose, which are produced using environmentally-conscious manufacturing methods. 

1% of all Objects IV Life sales will be donated to The Cooper Union: a New York City-based arts and science institution, established in 1859 as a free center of learning and civic discourse.