Kozaburo Akasaka is nothing short of a relentless spirit. Three years into his rigorous studies in philosophy, Akasaka abandoned the path he walked and leapt halfway across the globe, landing in London to pursue a BFA at Central Saint Martins. Bewitched by an enrapturing Thom Browne presentation, he went on to work under the designer’s wing following graduation. This experience only further catalyzed his conviction as he dove headfirst into Parsons’ MFA program, a decision that paid off handsomely—his thesis collection was swiftly picked up and stocked at Dover Street Market, and in 2017 he walked off with the LVMH Special Prize.

KOZABURO is a label that continues to give form to Akasaka’s tenacity. Atop a rigorous skeleton of intricate tailoring, Akasaka hangs a multifaceted definition of ‘vintage Japanese culture’—ancient artisanal applications composited with the 90s streetwear influence that informed his adolescence. And while the notion of coalescing the worlds of ‘high’ and ‘street’ fashion is nothing revolutionary, KOZABURO’s sensible, fresh take makes you feel like you’re seeing it done for the very first time.

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