Extreme Cashmere

Extreme Cashmere is not your typical clothing brand. Based in Amsterdam, but found around the world, they specialize in high-quality cashmere. Their goal is to create and produce the ultimate cashmere wardrobe.

Extreme Cashmere doesn’t do collections nor seasons and all of the clothing is unisex and unisize. Their main interest is creating and producing long-lasting garments meant for everybody and suitable for every body. The classic styles surprise with color and a keen attention to detail, each fitting for the everyday.

Founded by Saskia Dijkstra in 2016, throughout her twenty plus years in high-end cashmere production, Saskia dreamt of designing a cashmere jumper made on her terms. No more exceptions to color and design, no more sacrificing quality for the sake of price.

After Saskia completed her first jumper, The Crew Hop sweater surprisingly fit every person who tried it on, no matter the age, gender, weight, and height. This was just the beginning of the Extreme Cashmere concept to produce everything in a single size and shape for everybody and every body.