Monica Sordo
Monica Sordo's eponymous label has woven a narrative of cultural fusion and artistic expression since its inception in 2012. Born from a soul-stirring journey back to Caracas and nurtured into life in the vibrant streets of New York, stands as a testament to Monica's worldly sensibility and deep-rooted Latin American heritage. Her creations, characterized by minimalist lines and Caribbean reminiscences, serve as bridges between form and technique, showcasing a profound understanding of design. Evolving beyond jewelry, Monica's exploration now extends to sculptural objects, where voluminous shapes and organic textures find harmonious expression. Across continents, from Venezuela to Peru and Mexico, Monica collaborates with artisans, blending modern vision with ancestral techniques to create timeless pieces. The brand epitomizes Sordo's commitment to crafting artful collectibles, where each creation breathes with the essence of her designer vision, artist sensibility, and artisan heart.

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