In a world brimming with the latest and the newest, how does a person go about with creating something ‘original’? Julie Paskal responds to this challenge by using her architectural background to preserve her candid perspective. Applying a touch that is simultaneously gentle and controlled, Paskal surprises and delights with unique conformations informed by the meticulousness of architecture and none of the typical austerity. The result is uplifting—playful, yet understatedly sensitive. The precision in Paskal’s mathematical design process is complemented by an intentional lack thereof in the realized pieces: vision-blurring optical illusions are laser-cut into blooming skirts, while glassy vinyl overlays fog the clarity of the dresses and jackets they cloak. An exemplar of how having a different background is a contemporary boon, Paskal preaches that “clothes carry hidden vibrations,” and indeed, we jitter restlessly at what’s to come.

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