Compelled by the hyperuniformity of a future-focused world, the MIHARAYASUHIRO atelier team takes some time to ostensibly walk backwards and pursue the merits of vintage military-tinged Americana. The design process—an inversion of ‘wear and tear’ to ‘tear, then wear’—results in a motley crew of upcycled one-offs, featuring chopped M-65s, staggered hems, and mismatched zip-button plackets. Clothes are torn apart then repaired, rebuilt, and irreverently resized, often referencing existing mainline MIHARAYASUHIRO releases. Clashing patchwork blends sit alongside cargo pockets splashed liberally with painted stars, while raw-edged seams streak frenetically across sleeves, legs, and bodies. And somehow, collectively, there is actually a careful balance of design elements that allows every modification to stand out individually and mutually emphasize the beauty of age, inspiring a tender appreciation for the very human impressions we continuously and unconsciously create.

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