Few artists seamlessly blend art and fashion as fluidly as London's Claire Barrow. Designer, painter, and sculptor, Barrow needs little introduction to those in-the-know within the cultish confines of the industry. For our presentation of Claire's exclusive capsule collection of hand sculpted and painted earrings and accessories we threw a show featuring LA's Brooke Candy, a cemented "internet-famous" artist, performer and musician, as well as Girl Pusher, an underground noise-thrash punk duo fronted by Gabby Guilano and backed by Jarrod Hine with a dedicated and diverse following.

The Night was opened by in-house DJ and womenswear buyer for our HLNR location, Xochitl West and saw intense performances from the crowd and artists alike. The energy was present and palpable as we celebrated Claire's accomplishments and offerings as an artist and icon.

Thanks to all that attended and performed. Find the full set of event images Here  




Claire Barrow fw17-brooke candy-hlorenzo performance event
brooke candy at hlorenzo-north robertson
brooke candy performing at hlorenzo 2017

Formed on January 1st of 2015, powerhouse duo Gabby Guliano and Jarrod Hine fight for a safe space.


HL: Girl Pusher seems to be edging into “cult” status amongst your followers and fans- What do you think about your message or ‘voice’ captures the amount of people that it does? GP: I think Jarrod and myself have been outcasts our whole lives because our priorities are different from the norm. i think we have developed this following because unfortunately...there is a copious amount of youth that have been raped, abused, hurt in numerous amounts of ways, and they can feel or register the pain I am expressing. So they identify with it. It's sad that that's what has brought so many of us together but I think its' very important too. A number of times, we have had people come up/come out to us and I think that's so beautiful. I've said before that I dont deserve the honesty and trust some strangers have dealt us. I am grateful. I know that Jarrod is too. We are very powerful. HL: What are your goals with the platformed and voice youve created with Girl Pusher? GP: There arent really any set goals. I guess the only thing is that we fight for safe space. This was never intended to be a political agenda band but fuck fame, fuck playing with bigger higher-ups when they're pieces of shit, fuck all of that. We're doing this for ourselves and whatever happens along the way happens xxx




girlpisher performing at hlorenzo 2017 claire barrow event
Hlorenzo 2017 special event- girlpusher performing
hlorenzo girlpusher performing at HLNR at claire barrow event
girlpusher-claire barrow presentation for hlorenzo-hlnr 2017
2017 HLorenzo event-girlpusher performance

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Exclusive capsule collection featuring one of a kind hand-sculpted jewelry, accessories, and garments featuring original designs and artwork by Claire Barrow 


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