The birth of 99%IS- , Where were you and what were you dreaming of?

1. At that time, I was a junior in college. I started 99%IS- as an experience before graduating and getting a job. I met so many people from different cultures while traveling abroad. Wherever I go, I was not lonely. I was happy because of that minors and that subcultures. I was able to get to know the people and the culture – small as 1% everywhere.



You are always with your friends! How does friendship inspire your creative process?

2. I went to my first live club when I was only 12. I met my big brothers there, and they inspired me to design their clothes, posters, and cds. That’s how my friendship started to inspire my works. I could try something new based on their ideas. Like each part of the band members, drummers or guitarlists, need their own outfits for the best performance. I listened to them, and learn to try something real and something new. We live our own lives, although sometimes they look just the same to someone’s eyes. But We respect each other in this individual life.


What’s your favorite cartoon?

3. Dragon Ball, Tomorrow’s Joe, Slam Dunk


What are your favorite punk bands?

4. SKUNXS – The first ever Korean punk band. It started when I was 21. We did the band together for 3 years. I owed them so much, and took me 3 years to pay the dept.


How does punk culture influence 99%IS-?

5. D.I.Y mindset, attitude and behavior for everything.


How does Seoul and Tokyo culture inspire your designs?

6. It’s not about where I am. At least Korea and Japan is the same to me. Now I’m thinking of our contemporary life in this whole asia, and this whole world. We always change because we are alive. And there are always things we want, need, and must do.


What is something you consider a necessity to your happiness?  

7. Health!