Roberi & Fraud

Roberi & Fraud operates on a platform of ‘minimalism,’ albeit in an unconventional sense of the term—minimal design experience invoked to create minimal frames, marketed minimally. And in spite of this, almost as a testament to the contemporaneity of the brand (whose name plays on an utterance by the iconic Joanne the Scammer), the sunglasses sell like hotcakes, all thanks to celebrity and influencer co-signs. An overnight sensation that only continues to build momentum, Roberi & Fraud re-paves the road for what is considered to be ‘normal’ in both achievement and faculty for an ascendant label. If the fuel of social media can help a brand attain swift success, what is the next frontier to be breached? Roberi & Fraud deftly replies to this lingering question with the release of collaborative projects, consequently serving as a model to aspirational peer labels and furthering the perimeters of ever-expanding fashion democracy.


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