Founded in 2018, LAUD strives to create modernistic yet familiar works; the result is ‘elevated classics’. Quintessential jewellery and objects re-imagined through the LAUD lens with the aim of improving quality, function, comfort and relationship between object and wearer. LAUD’s creative director and founder awah, sees each object as a perpetual exploration of ego. With the intention in mind for the wearer not to seek praise from others, but to elevate that which is internal. Aside from parallelisms in form, design inspiration is drawn from stained-glass; a material intrinsic to the brands dna. The collection captures not only the ethereal nature of the material most synonymous with praise, but utilizes the juxtaposed metal and concrete structures required to enhance it’s qualities and potential. All jewellery and objects are designed, handcrafted and cast by highly skilled artisans in the united kingdom. Precious metals are ethically and predominantly sourced from ghana; a leader in gold exportation and birthplace of awah. All LAUD diamonds are conflict free and certified by highly respected gemmologists.

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